Innovateq offer 24hr/7 Days per week response and support services.

With more than 1500 resources available through Innovateq’s unique on-site national service network, we can deliver a wide variety of solutions from help desk and support through to a fully supplied and operated proposal.

Network Monitoring

Immediate alerts, around the clock.

Innovateq uses advanced IT management systems to proactively monitor your server and IT infrastructure 24 / 7. Constant and consistent network and systems monitoring enables immediate alerts to critical faults and detailed IT infrastructure reporting for network visibility.

Preventative Maintenance

Because prevention is better than cure.

Innovateq’s approach to maintenance has an emphasis on preventative measures to reduce corrective and overall maintenance costs, and minimise the risk of unexpected issues and downtime. Innovateq’s Preventative Maintenance schedule focuses on keeping equipment working, extending equipment life, technical cleaning and increasing system uptime. With Preventative Maintenance, Innovateq gives clients greater certainty and operational control.

Staging Centres

A full pre-deployment so there are no unwanted surprises.

Before installing an AV or IT solution, Innovateq completely configures it in either its Melbourne or Sydney staging centre. By completing a full pre-deployment that includes the upload of images and configurations, Innovateq is able to reduce installation times by trouble-shooting before it gets on site and reducing the incidence of DOA (dead on arrival) goods.

Corrective Maintenance

Minimal downtime, with a support specialist never too far away.

With more than 1500 local Service Agents around Australia and New Zealand, Innovateq offers its clients the assurance that a site support specialist is always available if the unexpected occurs. Innovateq is committed to offering a reliable maintenance service in the shortest possible time, with minimal labour and materials, and with the inclusion of measures to prevent any failures from recurring within a reasonable period of time.